Meet our Sweetie

Meet the newest (and perhaps the cutest) member of the Balance Hair Spa team! Her name is Sweetie Darling and she is a mere 13 weeks old. She is a purebred Boston Terrier puppy and prefers to be called just "Sweetie" (following in the steps of the great Cher and Madonna).

Thomas and Biff adopted Sweetie last week from a Lancaster County breeder.

"She was the smallest and the quietest of her brothers and sisters. We fell in love with her instantly," says Biff.

Sweetie is a playful pup with a calm, gentle and loving disposition.

Most days, you can catch a glimpse of Sweetie at Balance Hair Spa. She likes to sleep in her bed and visit with our guests between her hours of beauty sleep. Welcome Sweetie!

Sweetie, modeling her fashionable pink hoodie, pops out of a reusable Balance bag.Sweetie and Biff strike a pose.

Photography by Cucinotta Images.