Spray Tanning

Get a beautiful summer bronze without UV damage from the sun with our Super Flow Airbrush System by Sun Labs, which eliminates virtually all fumes and overspray.

* We currently feature Norvell tanning solutions in our spa.

Your tan will be professionally airbrushed for streak-free results in 15 minutes by a trained team member.

One Session  $45
Follow-up Session in 10 days  $35

For best results:

  • Exfoliate skin and shower the night before or morning of appointment day.
  • Use a dry body exfoliant (no salt or sugar scrubs) or a body polish.  If you would like to purchase one, we carry both Sun Laboratories Exfoliant Body Gel and Dermalogica Body Scrub in our boutique.
  • Arrive with no barrier creams or lotions on skin.  Do not apply underarm deodorant.
  • Wear dark, loose clothing.
  • Women may wear a bikini or nothing (preferred, to avoid "tan" lines).  Men may wear briefs. 
  • Do not get wet for 5 to 8 hours after your appointment (no showering and stay out of the rain).