Hair & Scalp Treatments

All Treatments and Conditioners do not include hair cutting, drying or styling unless otherwise noted in pricing.

Keratin Complex Express Blow Out
$150 includes blowout
$125 with color service or cut
Keratin Complex Express treatment can be done in less time than“traditional” treatments with smoother, shinier and better-conditioned hair for 4-6 weeks.

Caviar Rejuvenation Treatment
$75 (45 minute service)
This revolutionary 3-step Alterna conditioning system minimizes the visible signs of aging by repairing and reconditioning hair damaged by chemicals, styling and environmental stresses.

  • Step 1: Deep Clarifying Wash removes protein build-up and impurities caused by styling aids and conditioners. Deeply cleanses the hair leaving a blank-slate for step 2.

  • Step 2: Repair Serum repairs the inside and outside of the hair cuticle by addressing damage caused by chemical, mechanical and environmental elements. The repair serum opens the cuticle exposing damaged sites which are then reconstructed with protein deposits that restructure and moisturize the hair.

  • Step 3: Protein Shield - a low pH base is used to seal the cuticle. The result is smooth, silky and soft hair that lasts for 3 months.

Please Note : Use in-between coloring services. Wait two weeks after coloring to prevent color fade. Do not wash hair for 24 hours after the Rejuvenation Treatment.


Hair Masks
$50 ( Includes blow out)                                                          $15 ( with color or cut)                                                        (consult with stylist to learn what mask is best for you, also available for take home treatment)

  • Balance Hair Spa Intensive Treatment Hair Mask

  • Color Proof Deep Quench Moisture Masque

  • DevaCurl Heaven In Hair Intense Moisture Treatment

Davines Purifying Anti-Dandruff Gel Treatment
$50 (Includes blow out.)                                                          $35 (with color or cut)
This 15 minute scalp treatment uses a rich gel in active principles including Zinc that contrast dandruff and most scalp problems. The combination of active principles with antifungal and antibacterial action reduces exfoliation and keeps the scalp clean and healthy.

Malibu Makeover® Crystal Gel Treatment
$65 (45 minute treatment alone or with color service, includes blowout)
$55 (when added to any hair cut)
This 45 minute, 100% vegan treatment provides dramatic outcomes for hair and scalp that is oxidized, damaged or over-processed by removing harmful residual mineral build-up. It is a 2-step wellness treatment beginning with Malibu’s Crystal Gel Normalizer followed by the Miracle Repair Power Protein Builder to restore vibrant hair and healthy scalp. This gentle treatment is perfect for those with hard water or well water, color-treated hair, perms and swimmers. May be used as often as desired and is safe for all ages including children.

Malibu Natural Wellness Treatments
$40 (alone or with color service, includes blowout)
$15 (when added to any hair cut)
Does your hair lack body and shine, feel fine and limp or look dull and drab? Let us find just the right treatment for your hair and scalp solutions. We have 8 custom 100% vegan treatments to fit your needs:

  • blonde and highlights

  • color-treated hair

  • weaves and extensions

  • hard water (hard water/soft water/well water/dry hair)

  • perm partner

  • relaxer

  • swimmer's hair

  • scalp therapy (thinning hair/alopecia/dry scalp/dandruff/psoriasis/cradle cap/eczema)

Also available for take home treatments.